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Supporting new teachers in Illinois since 2004 College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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What is new teacher induction?

Induction is structured support across a new teacher’s formative first years in the classroom, designed to increase retention, help teachers be more effective more quickly, and improve student outcomes.

Induction includes mentoring, professional development, and whole-school supports for new teachers, tied to best practices and district improvement plans.

What does INTC do?

INTC provides free and low-cost services to assist districts and induction programs across Illinois. We thank the State Farm Companies Foundation and the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for their generous support.

Conferences and professional development

Annual Induction and Mentoring Conference
This low-cost working conference, held annually in February, brings together mentoring and induction leaders, administrators, and mentors from across the state. Attendees learn from induction-focused breakout sessions, have dedicated time to work within and across teams, and leave with plans to begin a new program or improve an existing one.
Annual Beginning Teacher Conference
Beginning teachers face tough challenges in their first year. This energizing, low-cost conference is an opportunity for them to reflect on and share the past year’s teaching experience, learn from a motivational keynote speaker and idea-filled breakout sessions, and network with new teachers from across the state.
Annual Beginning Teacher STEM Conference (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) 
In addition to the other demands of teaching, early-service teachers are challenged to keep current in their STEM teaching area. This low-cost conference offers STEM content enrichment to Illinois teachers who are finishing their first through their fourth year in the classroom. Attendees include elementary teachers plus middle- and high-school teachers.  Presenters are STEM experts such as university staff and faculty and experienced teachers.

Direct services

INTC Regional Induction Specialists can provide various services to assist all induction and mentoring programs regardless of size, duration, or program components. Download the Direct Services brochure. These services include the following:

Consulting and planning
  • Consulting about starting a new program
  • Assisting with comprehensive program planning, evaluation, and improvement
  • Co-planning programs or trainings for first- and second-year teachers
Trainings and workshops
  • Providing mentor training, support, and forums
  • Conducting administrator academies or workshops for new teachers
Advocacy and information
  • Assisting with local advocacy efforts for boards of education, administrators, and parents
  • Facilitating needs analyses regarding induction
  • Assisting with grant writing
Data and research
  • Assisting with the design of data collection, data analysis, and interpretation
  • Facilitating regional induction networks

INTC research and other initiatives

Illinois Induction Guide
This practical guide, written by a statewide group of induction leaders and organized around the nine Illinois induction standards, includes a start-up guide for new programs. Visit the guide here.
Mentoring and Induction Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides a one-page summary of the benefits of an induction program formatted for distribution to mentors, administrators, and school board members. Access it here.
Induction-focused research
INTC research on Illinois induction is available for free download on our website. Induction leaders can learn how to evaluate their own programs via this step-by-step workbook, available for free download from the INTC website. The INTC resources can be accessed here.
Program Impact Evaluation Workbook
Induction leaders can learn how to evaluate their own programs via this step-by-step workbook. The workbook can be found here.

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