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Standard 1.3: Program leadership and collaboration

Program leadership, program partners and all stakeholders collaborate to create a culture of commitment to beginning teacher induction and improving student achievement.

To ensure sustainability and embed the program more integrally within the organization’s mission, leadership needs to constantly communicate with stakeholders assuring them of the cost/benefit ratio of continued program support and enrichment.

Maintaining strong communication with stakeholders will develop a culture of commitment to beginning teacher induction. Administrators want to know from mentors and program coordinators that the beginning teachers are being supported. Program coordinators need to learn from mentors and administrators what professional development needs the beginning teachers have. School boards or district office staff will want to be kept up to date about the allocation of resources. Having all participants aware of the program’s needs, struggles, and successes will ensure the sustainability of the program.

For example, one ROE ran an induction program using ISBE grant funds. When the funding ended, several districts provided continuity by funding essential elements out of district funds. As a result, these districts took much more ownership and responsibility for their programs because they were paying for it themselves.

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