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Standard 2: Program Goals and Design

Local program design is focused on beginning teacher development, support, retention and improved student learning. The goals are guided by current induction research, effective practices, Illinois Induction Program Standards, the district/school improvement plan and local concerns/context.

Induction/mentoring program goals should be grounded in the needs of students by helping improve their school experiences, academic achievement, and other desirable outcomes. Toward these primary ends, induction/mentoring programs typically specify more immediate goals including improving teacher retention, enhancing teacher quality and performance, and bettering school climate.

The design of the induction/mentoring program should reflect an understanding of research. It may be inspired by other programs, but it must remain rooted in the needs and strengths of local contexts. Induction/mentoring programs should include mentoring and coaching as well as a range of other supports for beginning teachers, including orientations, professional development, formative assessment, opportunities for networking, and whole-school supports. These activities should recognize the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards and provide clearly-defined expectations for program completion.

The various elements of induction/mentoring program design will be dealt with in much greater detail under Standards 3 through 9. This section provides an overview of the major components.

The Standard 2 Subsections address the following issues:

While examining Standard 2, keep the following questions in mind:

  • What teacher development and student learning outcomes will the program produce?
  • How are these expectations communicated to the beginning teacher and mentor?
  • What role is the beginning teacher expected to play in raising student achievement and following the school improvement plan?
  • How do the mentors and beginning teachers accomplish essential program activities in a timely manner?
  • How do program leaders and stakeholders periodically review and revise program goals and outcomes for teacher development, retention, and student learning?

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