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Standard 3.2: Professional development resources

Program leadership, program partners, and all stakeholders access and coordinate existing professional development resources to effectively align and coordinate with the induction program.

Program leadership should connect with district personnel who oversee federal, state, and private funded programs to determine if there is opportunity to maximize funding through coordination between programs. There may be funding for substitutes for professional development available under grant funds or for programs to partner with each other for speakers, trainers, substitute expenses, or other expenditures. In this age of limited finances, it is cost-effective for all programs involved to see how they can provide the best services to everyone.

Some possible funding sources and programs to consider include the following:

  • Illinois New Teacher Collaborative: Check the INTC website “Events” page to see if there are trainings or conferences specifically for beginning teachers.
  • Title IIA: Does the district have Title IIA funds available for beginning teacher development?
  • Title I: What training and professional development does the district have planned? Are the mentoring and Title programs targeting common areas such as poverty training? Can these efforts be combined?
  • Regional Office of Education: What regional trainings can the district participate in that are provided through the ROE, a curriculum cooperative, or school improvement grants? The ROE is an excellent source for learning what programs in the area have similar training needs and can serve as a liaison between programs.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Is there an employer in the district that would see the benefit of being invested in beginning teacher development for the local school district?
  • Foundation: Does the school or district have a foundation that provides funds for special programs and projects?
  • Associations: Can local and state teachers' or administration unions assist the program in providing training resources? What organizations does the district belong to? Check what professional development events are offered. Often, they provide free or reduced training events and resources to members.
  • Local Business: Local businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stores, and fast food chains may be willing to provide refreshments for professional development activities.

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