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Standard 3.5: Fiscal reporting

Summative - Program leadership, program partners, and all stakeholders support the development of fiscal reports to document allocations of resources as necessary for accountability and to promote ongoing program improvement.

Program leadership should review resource allocations on a consistent and regular basis (monthly, quarterly) and note programmatic issues when it comes time for the district’s yearly budget review. District office staff, school board members, and/or the community will want to ensure that funds are spent wisely, and this is an opportunity to secure additional funding for areas of the program that need enhancement.

The Illinois Induction Program Continuum encourages programs to develop fiscal reports that document allocations of resources for the program. Additionally, these reports can be used to describe relevant data (e.g. teacher retention; student performance: see Standard 9 for more information) while also maintaining confidentiality; this can provide a rationale for additional funding and program improvement.

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