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Standard 5: Mentor Selection and Assignment

Mentors are recruited, selected and assigned using a comprehensive strategy that includes a clearly articulated, open process and specific criteria that are developed by and communicated to all stakeholder groups.

Planning an ongoing, rigorous process for mentor selection and assignment is essential in developing a high-quality induction/mentoring program. This planning will ensure that beginning teachers receive high-quality mentoring. It is critical that the approach is intentional with enough time devoted to this process and that key stakeholders are involved. Research has shown that when paired with highly effective mentors, beginning teacher learning is increased significantly.

Mentors should be recruited openly and selected after a formal application process and using explicit criteria. Matching mentors to beginning teachers typically involves consideration of physical proximity, similar job assignments, common planning and lunch periods, personality type, and educational views.

The Standard 5 Subsections address the following issues:

When examining this standard, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Why is it essential to use research-based mentor selection criteria?
  • What factors must be considered during the mentor/beginning teacher matching process?
  • How will challenging mentor/beginning teacher matches be addressed?

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