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Standard 7: Development of Beginning Teacher Practice

Beginning teachers have regularly scheduled time, provided during the two year program, to participate in ongoing, professional development that is focused on their professional growth to support student learning.

The development of the beginning teachers’ practice should be guided by research-based effective practices and the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards. Professional development should also be based on the needs of all beginning teachers, individual teachers, and program expectations/priorities. Additionally, it should be rooted in formative assessment, in which the beginning teacher and mentor collaboratively collect and analyze multiple sources of data and use structured reflection, in an ongoing process, to focus on classroom practice and meeting students’ individual needs.

The Standard 7 Subsections address the following issues:

When reviewing this standard, consider the following questions:

  • What should be included in an orientation for beginning teachers?
  • What formal networking opportunities need to be designed and implemented for beginning teachers?
  • How should opportunities for on-going professional development for beginning teachers be determined and what topics should be included?
  • How can sanctioned time be provided to support implementation of the induction/mentoring program?

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