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  • The Illinois Induction Program Startup Guide provides comprehensive information, including a proposed timeline, for starting a new teacher mentoring and induction programs.
  • The Illinois Induction Program Standards and Continuum were developed by a broad stakeholder group and set forth a framework to assist in the development of quality mentoring and induction programs. The Continuum describes program development across multiple levels and assists programs in setting goals and planning for improvement.
  • INTC Research Highlights are one-page reports that summarize INTC’s research on new teachers and induction programs, and are suitable for sharing with mentors, administrators, and school boards.
  • Illinois Induction Research provides reports, created by INTC and other research organizations, on mentoring, induction, and new teacher needs in Illinois.
  • The Induction Advocacy Toolkit and other resources provide assistance in advocating for new teacher support, mentoring, and induction.
  • The Program Impact Evaluation Workbook provides a step-by-step guide for induction programs—or any programs—to evaluate their impact.
  • The Funded Programs Archive describes pilot induction programs which were funded by the Illinois State Board of Education.
  • INTC Newsletters
  • Administrator Academy #1573 materials are available for your program.